1、Paint with real paint colors

We have applied the latest technology and developed sophisticated algorithms to digitally replicate the paint colors, providing you with the truest to in situ paint colors as digitally possible.

2、Enhance your exterior with roof and fence finishes

Reinvigorate you entire property by adding roofing and fencing finishes.

3、Help feature

Paint My Place features a ‘?’ icon, which provides assistance on using the tools to ensure you have a great experience.

4、Save color schemes

‘Unlocked’, the App enables you to download and/or email your re-painted property. When you select the email feature, all the paint colors used are included.

5、Share colors schemes

Through sharing your re-painted property images on Facebook and Twitter. Post to Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. Via social media your friends can comment on your interior design skills! Only available on the ‘Unlocked’ version.



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