How it works

Choose when you want to host your screening

Different cinemas will have different time slots and dates available. Choose a date to see all available time slots – if there aren’t any available on your chosen date, that means that the cinema is already hosting confirmed screenings or is fully booked.

Who can come to your screening?

There are two types of screening – private, and public.

If you create a private screening you’ll need to tell us roughly how many people you want to come. Once that many tickets are sold your screening will be confirmed. Only you can invite people to a private event, so you’ll need to make sure the ticket sales are high enough yourself.

Anybody can come to a public screening, and people will be able to buy tickets through ourscreen or at the cinema. The screening will be confirmed once a certain number of tickets are sold, and you won’t have any control over who comes. But it’ll be much easier to get your screening confirmed, because you’re not the only person who can invite people.

Ticket prices for private events

When you create a private screening you’ll need to tell us how many people you’re expecting. We’ll use that number to work out the ticket price, by dividing the costs associated with the screening by the number of people you’re expecting. Setting the number higher results in cheaper tickets, but it’ll be harder to get the screening confirmed because you’ll need to sell more tickets.

Ticket prices for public events

Ticket prices for public events are based on the size of the screen where your film is showing. Because you have no control over who comes, the price is fixed – you can’t specify a particular number of attendees.



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