NewlyWish的誕生經歷非常巧合又很有趣,聯合創始人Amanda Allen表示,與丈夫結婚前的日子非常難熬,因為他們根本就不知道如何挑選禮物。幸運地是,雙方的母親為他們想出瞭解決辦法,認為他們不該約束賓客們購買禮物的標準。婚禮結束後,Allen意識到還有其他新人正在為這件事情而躊躇,且這些需求能夠幫助刺激本地商戶的營收,因此她決定利用這個想法打造出一家既可以幫助新人分擔憂愁、又可以促進經濟增長的網站。



NewlyWish is a wedding gift registry service designed to provide to-be-weds, their friends and family, with the choice, convenience, and personalization they desire in such an important and personal time in their lives.

NewlyWish is the result of the founders’ experiences when creating their own wedding registry. While a little reticent about the whole idea of registering – having a destination wedding, their guests’ presence was worth more than their presents – they were convinced to create a gift registry as a convenience for friends and family and to make sure that any gifts that were purchased were things they would like.

During their search for the perfect registry items – chic, stylish, functional, and appropriate for a small NYC duplex – they found themselves unable to use their favorite shops or incorporate less traditional gifts like artwork, fitness training, and dancing lessons.

And so, NewlyWish was born, with the goal of creating a network comprised of a vibrant array of brands, stores and service providers, available through a single, online portal, so that engaged couples

can use their full imaginations in selecting gifts – whether for themselves, their bridal party, or other guests – and expand beyond the traditional choices that currently dominate the market.

In addition to registrants and gift-givers, we are also focused on supporting independent stores and businesses, by providing members of our network with a technological, marketing, and sales platform to reach the gift registry market.

Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that you – our customers and partners – will truly love your registry.



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