胖妹子服飾電商購物網胖妹子服飾電商購物網是國外的一家致力於為身體比較豐滿的女性使用者提供加大碼的服飾潮流品牌,並面向全世界銷售,該電商創建於2007年,同時還會也獲得了金融投資來擴大市場份額。不少模特、時尚部落格作者、設計師都與 navabi 建立了合作關係。胖妹子服飾電商購物網

胖妹子也需要美麗,塊大也可以讓自己穿著時尚,體態豐盈而不是華麗,胖妹子是塊兒越來越大的市場,國際時裝電商navabi瞄準“加大碼”人群的時尚需求,歐洲 50% 以上的女性都需要穿加大碼服務,而且這個數字仍呈增長之勢。一直以來,傳統的服務品牌和電商都不大關注這類群體的 Fashion 需求。

NavaBi 走的是快時尚的路線,每週上新並會推出相應的電子雜誌。它在商品檢索上做得有些特色,除了常規的衣物類別分類外,使用者還可以根據自己身體特點(如平胸、寬髖、平臀等)、體型如(A 型、X 型、V 型等)、場合等令淘商品。就貨源來講,除銷售 Anna Scholz、Manon Baptiste 和 Roberto Cavalli White 等歐洲品牌外,它也有自有品牌服裝。

即使是在國內,使用者也可以購買該網站上的所有產品,不過暫時不支援中文,有了投資後在不久的將來沒準也支援國內中文版本了。NavaBi對跨國交易,為保證使用者能在 3-5 天收到商品,navabi 採用 DHL 國際快遞服務。

Designer Fashion for women at navabi

navabi offers one of the largest assortments of designer fashion in plus sizes in Europe. You can find dresses, blouses, knitwear, trousers, jackets and also evening wear for special events. And all of it in sizes 12 to 28. We also offer an exclusive assortment of plus size evening dresses from renowned designers. You can also naturally find an array of accessories, for example lovely scarves and shawls. With our collection of designer labels, from contemporary to luxurious, we stand as proof that plus size fashionmakes it possible to dress with elegance and style. With the fashion from navabi, compliments are guaranteed.

Clothing for plus size women

The excitement leading up to a shopping spree can often have less exiting results, especially when a woman is looking for designer plus size clothing. As an example, a planned shopping trip for plus size evening dresses could turn into an uncomfortable experience.

This is exactly where navabi comes in since we specialise in plus sizes clothes for women. We balance out the meagre supply which can often be found hidden in the dark back corner of a boutique by instead offering a broad range of labels that make plus size fashion. Renowned designers like Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo or also Elena Miro are available at navabi amongst other designers who create plus size clothes for women.

These designers provide the contemporary curvy woman with tailor-made clothing for plus size women which is both trendy and comfortable at once! In contrast to others who offer xxl fashion, we offer a perfect fit, a large assortment of different labels and above all, a high standard of quality. Should you be searching for plus size evening dresses, blouses, boleros trousers or tunics – the only issue you might have will be needing to decide! Purchasing plus size clothing has never been so easy: navabi.

Exclusive clothing for plus size women

At navabi, you are presented with new items almost every day. Here you can count on exclusive and unique pieces which are often sold out after a short period of time. Our professional fashion experts additionally provide outfit combinations which makes putting together a stylish ensemble of plus size fashion easier than ever before. Have a look at our online shop. Whether you are looking for plus size evening wear, plus size dresses or trendy plus size clothing, our assortment will not let you down.

Contemporary, classic or Lagenlook

What sets navabi apart is our large assortment. If you prefer exclusive designer fashion, you will make a find in our luxury boutique where you can also discover plus size evening wear. Choose between famous designers like Anna Scholz or Tuzzi Nero and pamper yourself with elegant women’s fashion.

If you are looking for trendy clothing for plus size women, visit our contemporary boutique. Here you will find labels like Gozzip, Zizzi, Studio or Manon Baptiste. Browse through a large assortment of the latest designer fashion for every event. If you are more of a fan of comfortable fashion made from natural materials, then our lagenlook boutique is just the place for you.

Figure flattering combinations which are skilfully layered together create the Lagenlook which is popular in the world of XXL fashion. Barbara Speer, Jean Marc Philippe and Sarah Santos are just a few of the labels available in our Lagenlook boutique.



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