Most of the art portals that are to be seen as apps have tended to be rather staid looking affairs that cater purely for the collector. So, it’s probably about time that somebody thought about adding a more social element to things and making a place for artists, dealers, potential buyers and agents to all feel at home in. MyArtPlot is such a thing! An art and craft app for creatives of all types. No flashy gimmicks or groovy graphics. This is an app that exists to be the portal between all aspects of the art industry and makes it easier for the artist to keep in touch with their potential buyers and the online audience in general. It also offers a chance to lease your own internal intranet service and get a development platform or even partner with MAP.

MyArtPlot aims to be a cross between an art community and an art market as well as providing an easy way to rent art. (MAP) is a global arts and crafts community and movement that aims at fighting elitism. It is an empowerment platform that offers functional tools that can help re-design the industry’s archaic social, professional and commercial dynamics. On MAP, any of the participants are regarded as a crucial element in the global movement. By providing functional social, professional and commercial tools, MAP allows disconnected artists, crafters, artisans and buyers worldwide to connect socially while interacting professionally and creatively. MAP’s marketing tools will help you increase your online presence and could better your selling power. Buy and rent original pieces directly from a global network of artists, crafters and artisans from as low as $5. MAP lets you reach, interact and work in conjunction with the art world and advertise, hire talents and commission specific work.

MyArtPlot is one of those wonderful applications that reveals more and more about itself as it goes along. One things for sure, it’s seemingly meager interface reveals a much more attractive and professional look the second that you walk through the door. The app is clear and simple to use and really does provide a place where the artist can mingle with his fans and customers as well as dealers, agents and potential buyers. There are precious few places for the artist to socialize and this one adds a social side to its commercial aspirations.



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