MiamiHerald:美國邁阿密先驅報是美國報業出版商McClatchy Co.旗下一家報紙,在邁阿密、拉丁美洲和加勒比海地區受歡迎度較高,提供本地最新的地方新聞、體育、天氣、商業、就業、房地產、購物、健康、旅遊、娛樂等綜合資訊。


邁阿密先驅報大紀事:Major Milestones

1903: First edition published Sept. 15 as The Miami Evening Record;

1910: Renamed The Miami Herald on Dec. 1;

1937: Acquired by John S. and James L. Knight;

1946: Launched international Clipper edition for Latin America, so named because it was shipped on Pan Am flying “clipper” seaplanes;

1951: Won its first of 20 Pulitzer Prizes for reporting on organized crime in Miami;

1974: Along with others in the Knight Newspapers group, merged with Ridder Publications to become Knight Ridder;

2006: The largest paper acquired and retained by McClatchy Company when it bought Knight Ridder;

2013: Headquarters moved to Doral.



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