MakeMyBrowser:基於Chromium瀏覽器製作平臺是一個用來定製自己的瀏覽器,基於 Chromium,你可以定製瀏覽器名稱、程式圖示、預設書籤、首頁地址、模板,還可以新增 RSS feeds 桌面提醒。



目前Chrome瀏覽器的版本很多,什麼樣的都有,至於一般的使用者只不過是從官方網站下載直接安裝使用了事,但是有部分使用者需要的更多,MakeMyBrowser能為每個人都安裝一個 Chrome,你可以登入自己的 Google 賬號使用個性化的設定。而原裝的 Chrome 只能安裝一個,馬甲愛好者同樣適用。


注意定製的程式為線上安裝版,MakeMyBrowser 自帶一個名為 browser_use_analytics 的擴充套件,匿名統計你的定製版瀏覽器每天的使用情況,不會收集任何個人以及瀏覽資料。目前還不知道具體統計了哪些東西,這個功能過段時間才能上線被查詢,現在只有資料統計。

There are two key benefits for MakeMyBrowser:

1、Multiple people using a single computer – Many computers are used by more than one person. You can log in and out from Windows, but this really takes a lot of time and effort. But you can’t install more than one Google Chrome on your computer and enjoy the speed of the Chromium project. With MakeMyBrowser, you can let your mom keep on using Chrome, while you use your own browser. You can actually create as many browsers as you wish.

2、Geeks like us with many online accounts – even if you have your own computer, you might have two or more Gmail/Facebook accounts. Creating your own personal browser, allows you to navigate quickly between the two, and identify your browser by your own selected image. No need to type in password all over, login and log out etc. Also, you might want to have your “fun browser” with links and extensions to YouTube, hulu, and other sites, but alongside have your “work browser” with links and extensions that are work related. This makes browsing more personal and relevant to your mood and needs at this particular time.

3、It’s You – imagine sharing this browser with your grandfather. Every time he goes online, he does it by clicking on his grandson’s image, remembering to buy you a BIG Christmas gift… Seriously, it is really fun to see your image or your girlfriend’s on the desktop and not that boring “e” icon and also with MakeMyBrowser, you can share all your favorites sites with your friends – in one click!.



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