莫斯科24小時新聞網(Moscow 24)是俄國電視電臺公司旗下產業,由莫斯科政府管理,正式開播於2011年,該新聞頻道分為資訊頻道和娛樂頻道兩部分,資訊頻道的節目包括市民生活、金融證券、地區政府、交通、天氣等內容,娛樂頻道主要播放綜藝和美食節目。


Moscow24 History:

Channel had started in Moscow in 1997 as TV Stolitsa. Government of Moscow was an owner of channel. TV Stolitsa broadcast feature films, news of city life, stories about city. But on May, 2011 Government of Moscow said about creation a new city informational TV-channel. TV Stolitsa broadcast until September 5, 2011. In the first minutes of Moscow 24’s being on air they broadcast a presentation of the channel to the Mayor of Moscow.



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