Love Panky 是一家致力於人與人之間有關於愛情和人際關係研究的平臺,通過專業的人際關係分析來讓人們更多的去了解細緻入微的情感,並改善生活狀態,讓生活變的更加美好。


Love Panky 網站成立於2011年,通過多年的發展,目前有超過750萬的訪問量,在這裡人們深入的研究情感的關係,解讀情感裡的奧祕,只有瞭解才能去改變。

Your Guide to Better Love and Relationships

What’s love, you may ask. For many, love is many things. It is romance, fairy tales, sex, a skip in the heart, a flattering arm candy, or someone to spend the night with.

But love is more than all of that. Love is a series of coincidences that changes your life.

You can helplessly watch your whole life go by, unable to steer or rein it because you don’t control your life. Love does. For better or for worse.

Ironic, isn’t it, especially when you think you’re the one who chooses the life you wish to live? In reality, it’s your love for a special material possession or a special someone that marks all your achievements in life with little fluorescent bookmark post-its.



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