同時LoveLive 還負責管理節目在 YouTube 和 Vevo 等的分銷渠道。目前 LoveLive 每年經手的實況演出超過 400 場,其中不乏麥當娜、艾麗?高登等著名歌星。與其合作的品牌包括惠普、福特、耐克等。

LoveLive 成立於 2012 年,總部位於倫敦,現有員工 50 人。創始人兼 CEO Richard Cohen 說,儘管現在智慧手機也能錄製視訊,但是跟專業的節目錄制顯然不可同日而語。此外,要想節目吸引大品牌贊助,除了要求有高質量的拍攝以外,也要對版權管理提出很高的要求,而這些往往是目前的演唱會欠缺的。

In 2009 LoveLive acquired the industry leading online music publication and production unitRockfeedback, providing industry leading creative capabilities and the TV format ‘Rockfeedback Presents’.

In 2011 LoveLive shot over 450 Live performances including the Global album launch of Adele, produced industry first Pay Per View events for Florence + The Machines and PJ Harvey, created the McFly On The Wall TV format for Channel 5, co-produced The Black Cab Sessions USA, aired the fifth season of Rockfeedback Presents on Channel 4, produced the Robert Plant documentary for HD Net and added a number of brand partners to our portfolio.

In 2012 LoveLive launched a self-branded YouTube channel, recording and streaming Live performances from the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, Plan B and Ellie Goulding. The channel has gained in excess of 130,000 subscribers and 4.5 million video views in five months, with exclusive content available to watch on-demand. LoveLive also worked on prominent music events with clients including BT, Xbox, Spotify, River Island and HP, with more exciting events to come before the year is through – including managing the first charity concert Live stream for Save the Children.



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