Lithium:社會化企業營銷平臺是一家幫助企業利用網上客戶社群進行社會化營銷、銷售及支援的 SaaS 服務商,為企業提供網際網路使用者行為資料,提供企業產品的營銷和網站轉化率問題。


Lithium平臺可以為企業搭建消費者社群,然後利用自己對資料的深度分析來幫助客戶實現“社群健康指數(CHI,一組 web 分析及社群參與度指標)”,該指數可以進行社群使用情況的詳細分析,讓企業瞭解誰是最大的貢獻者,哪些內容表現最好,並能實時檢視客戶與品牌的關係。

Lithium 實現整個分析及操作過程的流水化作業,能夠自動建立 CHI 報告,並將其與額外服務一起捆綁銷售,從而實現了這一有價值資料的貨幣化。Lithium 的知名客戶包括 AT&T、英國電信、西班牙電信、家得寶、Best Buy、Indosat、Sephora、Skype 及 Telstra 等。

create and manage amazing online customer communities

Turn your website into a world-class social destination. Take complete control of community design and create an immersive customer experience that showcases your brand. Lithium provides the most advanced tools for building, moderating, and analyzing vibrant online communities.

infuse conversations throughout your website

Lithium helps you bring your static website alive with social conversations. Deploy Lithium Reviews and Q&A on your product pages to increase conversion rates and average order value. You can also draw customers into conversations by promoting Lithium Blog posts, Knowledge articles, hot Forum topics throughout your site.

ensure conversations meet community guidelines

Active moderation helps you maintain a positive atmosphere without sacrificing authenticity. With Lithium Moderation Manager, you can enforce community guidelines, ban users, move content that is out of place, and filter posts that are offensive or inappropriate. Moderation Manager supports content filtering, pre-moderation, post-moderation, and more.

measure community health and performance

Make smarter business decisions based on hard data. Lithium Social Intelligence uses behavioral science to analyze billions of interactions each month from nearly 100 million users. We can help you prove the value of your social investments, measure customer engagement, identify superfans, and build strategies for increasing community ROI.



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