LetStravel:旅遊攝影作品分享網是一個由奧地利女攝影師Nisa Maier創辦,創辦一個獨立網站的初衷是“Because a single traveller can’t live to see it all.”(只因每個旅行者無法看到所有)。


女攝影師Nisa Maier熱愛旅行、攝影並在自己的部落格上分享旅行記錄,Let’s Travel Somewhere是一個以攝影師視角介紹世界各地的旅遊網站,按國家分類,每位攝影師用全屏精美圖片的方式介紹一個國家,配以簡短文字說明,並提供攝影師介紹及網站連結,網站設計簡潔。

訪問Let‘s Travel Somewhere網站使用者可以欣賞到世界各國的風景,讓你足不出戶就可以看遍世界各地的旅遊景點,想去旅遊不妨先去看看哪些景點是你喜歡去的地方。

Let‘s Travel Somewhere is a project by Nisa Maier. She wants to capture the essence of every country on the planet through stunning photographs and gripping stories. Your help is needed to reach this goal, so if you want to contribute, get in touch with her.

Nisa loves to travel, take photos and share her experiences and inspirations on her blog Cookiesound is travelling. She believes that a single traveller can‘t live to see it all. That‘s why she started to collect and share inspiring photojourneys by striking travel photographers.



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