I use Geddit to help students to gauge their levels of confidence in meeting lesson objectives while at the same time teaching students essential skills of active self-reflection in the learning process.

Geddit introduces a paradigm shift in educational technology in which students are given an essential tool to provide and document ongoing feedback about their own learning process. In my experience, educational technology has primarily been designed and utilized as a content delivery system.

Geddit is a feedback system that not only empowers students to actively engage in building a relationship with the instructor through the use of technology but also teaches essential metacognitive skills in which students learn to reflect on their own inner experience of learning. Students can be taught to engage in epistemological reflection and can have a record of their own learning process throughout the course of a lesson.

I highly recommend this tool for any teacher who is passionate about teaching metacognitive skills and who is interested in increasing student engagement in using technology in the classroom.



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