LawDingo:線上法律諮詢平臺是一個幫助使用者尋找線上法律諮詢和找律師的平臺,目前已經有超過 450 名律師將自己放到線上,使用者可以根據情況來篩選你所需要尋找的律師。


在 Lawdingo 上,使用者可以基於律師的專長、所在地瀏覽尋找律師。根據律師的價位、是否有空、資歷等排序,各個律師的簡歷、長相甚至空餘時間都會躍然網上。如果你找到合適的律師,你就可以根據對方時間來做會面安排。而如果律師有空可以通話,你還可以當即按下通話按鈕,和他進行線上溝通,看看這個律師是不是真的合你心意。夠幸運的話,你還能找到一些律師在這個網站上提供免費的法律諮詢。

Lawdingo connects people with attorneys for initial virtual legal consultations online. We aggregate the credentials, availability, and contact information of hundreds of participating attorneys across America in order to provide consumers with a single interface through which they can find and talk to the specific lawyers relevant to their legal needs.

The legal profession is undergoing an evolution in which consumers expect their legal needs to be served with convenience and affordability instead of the traditionalism and formality that characterized the industry’s past. Lawdingo is the single company driving this evolution at full speed ahead, using every bit of applicable, available technology.

On Lawdingo, people indicate their legal need as well as their state, and can connect with a lawyer by email, appointment, phone or video chat right through the platform, immediately. Attorneys may offer any amount of time for free to get to know the client, and thereafter the attorney client relationship may continue as a paid consultation, with payments facilitated by Lawdingo, or as a transactional or long-term relationship taken outside Lawdingo. Lawyers get the flexibility of setting their own schedule and their own fees, and consumers gain a level of convenience, simplicity and transparency that was never before possible.



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