Kevin Kelly:凱文·凱利官方部落格

Kevin Kelly:凱文·凱利是 Whole Earth Review 的出版人 ,WIRED 的執行編輯 ,視覺非盈利組織的發起者,傳記作者 和商人。他對技術的遠見 歷史的追溯,傳記和宗教 的認識都令人稱讚。

Kevin Kelly:凱文·凱利官方部落格

凱文·凱利(Kevin Kelly,1952~,人們經常親暱地稱他為 KK),《連線》(Wired)雜誌創始主編。在創辦《連線》之前,是《全球概覽》雜誌的編輯和出版人。他的文章還出現在《紐約時報》、《經濟學人》、《時代》、《科學》等重量級媒體和雜誌上。


A few years ago I co-founded the All Species Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at cataloging and identifying every living species on earth. I hoped to give each organism its own web page. The genesis of this idea is described in this account. The Foundation is now defunct, but the project of giving each species their own web page lives on as the Encyclopedia of Life.

A few years ago I was invited to commence a year-long series of essays on culture and science for the 100th anniversary of the journal Science. My contribution, called the Third Culture, is about the emerging culture surrounding technology.



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