Site Contents: The Korean Central News Agency is the main, state-run news organization. It is responsible for all news in North Korea and also distributes photos. The content is available in Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. From Jan. 1, 2011, the site also began offering video.

It is the second KCNA website available after a Tokyo-based site, but this site generally provides news first. It additionally carries KCNA photos, which are not available on the Japanese website.

History: The site appeared in early October and was the first to be found in North Korea’s new IP address space. It was renewed in early December to include Korean-language news. On Jan. 12, 2011, it became available via the star.edu.kp domain name. It had previously been accessible via an IP address only. On Jan. 21 its IP address changed and the Star.edu.kp domain name stopped working. The following day it launched it kcna.kp address.



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