InfinityList aim to both entertain and educate in the realm of action sports video production. Whether being shot on a GoPro or a high-end Phantom Flex camera system, you will find that a great concept and execution is what will grant you attention on a world scale.

We appreciate creativity and ideas that stand out from the crowd – so if you have found or created something that you think is unique and entertaining then send it in and let the world see.

InfinityList is focused on one thing – watching awesome videos – so we have crafted the experience around that.

Videos are shown in a massive player. Thumbnails are hand selected to show you the best moment from each clip. The surrounding design is easy on the eyes and minimal. The video slider gives you an endless run of videos to watch, on our homepage and in any of the categories. The video lightbox player lets you watch videos with no distractions. We try to keep advertising on the site unobtrusive to your viewing experience. We have purposely avoided using preroll. Video is the hero of InfinityList.



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