Our Story

We create wall graphics about topics that interest us. We design them to provide both big picture and detailed visual context; and to be both conversational and reference pieces. Our goal is to combine information and art to provide you with a unique type of artwork for display in your office, study, family room or hallway.

Digitally Handcrafted

Our graphics start with extensive research and data collection. Using digital tools, we next combine that data with text, lines, color, illustrations and images to create an initial design. We then refine the design by test printing numerous variations with our in-house printers. Finally, we select a paper that is consistent with the subject matter and provides the look & feel that we want the graphic to convey. The result is a digitally handcrafted graphic that tells a story with a clear, visually appealing design that can be easily updated over time.

Individually Printed

When we started out, we printed in small press runs on an offset press. We found this method to be too rigid — we were limited to a single print size, one paper type and no easy way to update our work. Now we print most of our graphics individually with the latest generation of print-on-demand printers using vivid, archival inks and specifically selected museum-grade archival papers.

Wall Graphics for Enthusiasts

Whether you are a film, golf, music or ballpark enthusiast; a political junkie or history buff; or a fervent follower of any other subject covered by our graphics, we hope you’ll buy one and put it on your wall.



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