Hearthandmade:愛心手工製作分享部落格是一個英國婦女 Claire創辦的手工DIY製作教程部落格網站,該部落格成立於2010年,旨在幫助每一位有愛心的讀者通過自己的勞動來妝扮自己的家庭。



My name is Claire and I founded Heart Handmade UK back in 2010 but had been dipping my toes in the blogging pool for a year or two before that. Back in 2009 I was introduced to a whole new world of crafting which I never knew existed!

While I was studying my photography degree I would have kept visual journals to hold all my inspiration and ideas but thanks to the vast internet I have more ideas than time so I post them here on my blog, along with my DIY projects, interior decor that I love and hope to emulate in my own home some day and DIY projects that are going on the never ending ‘To Do’ list!

This blog has grown so much over the past 4 years and I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your support! I plan to keep going and growing this little community and I love seeing returning commenters, it feels like you’re popping round for a culpa and we’re all cooing over the blog images!



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