Firefly Collection:螢火蟲建築作品收藏網

Firefly Collection:螢火蟲建築作品收藏網是一個基於世界特色建築作品收藏分享的網站,收錄了世界上最優秀的建築作品,暫時不同國家的建築師們的作品圖片欣賞,讓你看遍世界的遊戲建築風格。

Firefly Collection:螢火蟲建築作品收藏網

Firefly Collection 網站其實是個商業房產推廣平臺,房地產開發商可以在該平臺推薦自己的建築作品,精美的圖片展示可以為使用者呈現美妙絕倫的效果,該平臺主要是致力於別墅、室內裝飾方面的展示。

Booking an independent villa or ski chalet can be a risky business. Many promise ‘luxury’ but few deliver. It’s hard to know for sure what you’ll find when you arrive or if it will live up to the promises.

The Firefly Collection was born to take away the guesswork.With Firefly Collection you can be sure that you will find only truly luxury villas and ski chalets with exceptional five-star service as standard. That means a team of staff available to take care of every detail so you needn’t lift a finger.

Firefly Collection is not a travel agent or a tour operator, but a collection of cherry-picked properties, meticulously researched and independently assessed for quality, chosen because we love them. And we think you will too.The Firefly brand mission is to be the definitive stamp of quality against which all villas and chalets are measured; to be a brand which you can trust to help you find the best luxury villas, yachts, lodges and ski chalets worldwide.



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