Film Annex 是一個免費的、自由的發行平臺去自助發行影片,獲得互動性,和籌資。並有廣告支援的視訊平臺,這使得影片內容創作者有機會可以利用其內容賺錢。 除了分享他們的電影,將其內容貨幣化,電影製片人可以建立相簿、寫部落格、與其它製片人和他們的觀眾進行互動。

Film Annex came to life with the goal to give filmmakers, artists, and content creators a free platform for self-distribution, interaction, and funding. We built an ad-supported video platform to enable content creators to monetize their content. This way, we encourage them to keep creating, contributing, educating, and of course, entertaining non-stop.

We are constantly developing new tools to fulfill our promise to make Film Annex the best online film platform out there. In addition to sharing their films and monetizing their content, filmmakers can create photo albums, write blogs, interact with each other and their audience.



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