Fanpop is a network of user-generated fan clubs for different topics of interest created and maintained by the community of fans. Each fan club has a bunch of really cool features that empower the fans to share and discover content and interact with each other.

It’s tough to keep up with the world wide web when it keeps getting bigger and bigger each day. Wouldn’t it be great if someone organized the web into topics you care about? We thought so too, so we created Fanpop. Fanpop is the one-stop destination for real people with real passions to find real content and community.

Remember when the web was small enough that you could look at a directory of the best sites on the web for a certain area of interest? We missed those days, but felt like the community should be the editors who contribute and decide what the best content on the web for a given topic should be.

We like to think of Fanpop as the next generation of fansites created for the fans by the fans. It’s a one-stop destination for fans of anything and everything and the place to find fellow devoted fans. We wanted to make discovering and sharing content fun, easy and social.



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