Expedition Portal由Scott Brady創辦於2005年,他同時也是Overland International公司的CEO。Expedition Portal由一個冒險經驗豐富的團隊經營,並且已經完成了七大洲的冒險旅行。隨著陸路旅行的日益普及,Expedition Portal的會員和旅行路線不斷擴充,已成為網路上流行的冒險旅行陸路資源庫。

Expedition Portal is a community of expedition travelers intent on exploring the distant and remote places of the world. Society today encourages people to live life through the accomplishments of others, as shown on TV and in movies. The real challenge is to turn off the TV and explore the world around you, even if that means a day trip to the local mountains.

Expedition Portal is a community of adventure travelers, where the primary means of exploration is by 4wd and Motorcycle. Founded in 2005 by Scott Brady, CEO of Overland International, expeditionportal.com is operated by a team of experienced adventurers, our staff having completed expeditions on all seven continents. With the growing popularity of overland travel, expeditionportal.com has expanded in membership and content to represent the single-largest repository of online overland resources on the web. This includes 2,000+ feature editorials and over 1.2 million forum posts. Most know us as ExPo.



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