We have reviewed plenty of single-use apps here at FeedMyApp over the years that are designed to put rich media and creative content on your website. Most of them have been excellent but have been limited by the fact that they only achieve one goal. Now we have a new web design application that is almost like a tool kit of interactive features and delivers a batch of highly usable and professional HTML5 tools that will give you everything from animations to infographics. EWC replaces the likes of Flash and PowerPoint and gives you interactive content so easily that even your Granny could do it.

Easy WebContent Presenter (EWC Presenter) is a cloud-based set of tools that offers the ability for anyone to produce a variety of professional made and creative content online. With a market saturated with single-use tools, there is a strong demand for a tool that produces several interactive web features for both professonal and non-professional users. Users can create universally accessible HTML5 presentations, animations, galleries, infographics, charts and graphs, demos, presumes and much, much more. This unique and powerful set of tools is unlike any other web based program you have used before and is so easy to use that it works right in your browser. EWC gives you the ability to create a variety of interactive and engaging content that is both web and mobile friendly as it is fully HTML5 – the standard content language supported by all the latest browsers and devices.

EWC Presenter is yet another upward step in the art of web design and takes technology out of the expert’s hands and makes it easy for you (or your granny) to achieve great results. Here is an app that really is like having a kit bag of really interesting cloud-based tools enabling you to make great creative content on your website or presentations. It provides another way to keep your viewers and customers engaged and happy and uses simple drag and drop technology to get your interactive content right where you want it. As someone said, EWC Presenter is like HTML5 on steroids! Nicely put.



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