Evogeneao This website seeks to promote the teaching and acceptance of the biological theory of evolution by emphasizing one of its great lessons: that life on Earth is one big extended family, and therefore we are related in an exact way to not only every other living thing, but also to every thing that ever lived. This view of life can be thought of as ‘evolutionary genealogy’. The name of this website – evogeneao – (ee-voh-gee-nee-oh) is a play on this term. An early tree of life was published by German biologist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) in the late 1800’s. Haeckel was an early and ardent supporter of Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Haeckel put humans at the top of his tree of life on the same main branch as apes.

To teach this lesson, this website uses a newly created Great Tree of Life diagram, and genealogical estimates of our cousin and removal relationship with fellow creatures.



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