EmbLibrary:繡花設計購物網是一個提供繡花設計圖樣的設計資源網站,每週都會發布最新的設計圖樣;而且使用者可以立即下載。Embroidery Library自從1998成立以來一直在提供質量一流的設計。


Embroidery Library網站每週週三進行內容更新,你可以在那天找到本週和上一週最新的刺繡相關資訊。你可以通過使用我們的搜尋功能找到感興趣的設計。或者,你也可以通過目錄連結,按照時間順序進行資源搜尋。你可以找到歷史和最新的設計與收藏。


Since 1998 Embroidery Library has inspired home embroidery enthusiasts, commercial embroiderers,and everyone in-between, with a fantastic collection of machine embroidery designs.

Designs are offered in a wide variety of subjects, styles, shapes, and sizes, to suit any project, whether you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe, add embroidery to your home decor, make a new purse or tote bag, stitch up coordinating table linens, towel sets, cozies and covers for the kitchen — you name it, we’ve got designs for you and your project. With more than 80,000 designs and packs to choose from, we have something for everyone.

Every design that you see on the website is drawn, digitized, and test-stitched here in Plymouth, Minnesota. We don’t use clip art, and we don’t outsource. The images that you see on the website are our sample stitch-outs. We test-sew everything to ensure that you get exceptional quality.

All designs and packs are instantly downloadable. That means that you can be anywhere in the world, and download and stitch at any time, day or night.



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