Read and manage your eBooks independently from any bookstore (supports DRM free ePub format).

– Read texts from webpages, like blog posts or articles, in a distraction-free format on your iPad. Save webpages for later reading via our browser bookmarklet. dotdotdot clears away everything but the content and makes long-format texts clean and easy to read.

– Interact and collaborate on all your texts: Highlight favorite passages, make comments, and see what others are reading and commenting on. Get inspired by what other people are reading via your community of like-minded people.

– Create an archive of all your read knowledge:

While you read on dotdotdot, you are building your own personal library of long-format texts, essentially an archive of your read knowledge. You can search all your highlights and quotes, tag them, sort them and never lose an inspirational thought or text again.



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