I was born in 1979 and grew up in a small village with around 200 inhabitant. In the year 2003 I moved to Berlin – the capital city of Germany. Berlin is utterly the contrary of Roddahn which is my old home. Both places have location-specific advantages, of course. So now, it’s about 9 years since I left my old home and many things have changed there. The landscape around Roddahn and the mood especially during autumn still offer some kind of magic to me. I’m strongly connected to that place and often try to be there. I love the nature, the calmness, the house in which I grew up, the wind blowing in my face and leaving a rain drop when I walk across a field. I love to gather the fruits in my mothers garden and to see how it makes her happy when I enjoy the taste of fresh picked up strawberry. And all those things reminds me to what is essential.



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