DailyStrength:家庭醫療健康社群是美國知名的民生關注類的健康話題社群,成立於2007年;DailyStrength共有大約 500個社群,話題涵蓋瘦身、離婚、親子、生病等等,切得非常細。



DailyStrength was created by internet veterans with more than 20 years of experience conceiving, building, and running the largest communities on the web, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Photos, Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Groups, GeoCities, Facebook, My Yahoo, Yahoo Message Boards and more.

Currently, DailyStrength is operated by some very passionate and dedicated people that get great satisfaction knowing that our site can be a positive force for everyone who faces challenges in their lives.

DailyStrength is proud to feature the following health experts as Advisors to the site. The specialists below are active members of our team, contributing to feature design and community creation. Of course, they also interact and participate as DailyStrength members in their respective areas of expertise.



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