CreativeLive:創業者線上教育平臺於2010 年成立,旨在向創業者提供一些創業培訓課程,內容涵蓋攝影、商業、軟體、設計、電影和生活方式等。


CrativeLIVE 利用這些工作室錄製高清畫質的線上課程,首次觀看 CrativeLIVE 課程或直播是不收費的,只有當你想再看一遍,或下載課程的錄影時,CrativeLIVE 才會收取介於 29 美元到 149 美元之間的費用.

目前已有來自200多個國家,近100多萬名學生。每年 4 倍的收入以及 5 倍的課程數量,也使得其創始人有信心將 CrativeLIVE 打造成最大的線上課堂。而一堂課平均也有近6萬名學生,有些則高達15萬。

creativeLIVE will help you grow your creative and entrepreneurial expertise. Learn from renowned professionals in photography, business, productivity, software development, design, film, video and more. Join us at creativeLIVE and get ready to expand your business, further your career or launch into a brand new field.

creativeLIVE’s instructors include New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors like Tim Ferriss, Pulitzer Prize winners such as photographer Vince Laforet, Emmy nominated directors like Gale Tattersall, Director of Photography of the TV series House, and such award-winning professionals as master photographer Sue Bryce.

Watch in-depth, live seminars for free in an interactive social platform. Ask the instructor questions, or connect with other course participants, via Twitter. Stay in touch after the seminar and become part of a community of dedicated creative professionals. If you missed a class or want to know more, you can purchase copies of each course at any time.



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