The Computer Language Company was founded in 1978 by husband-wife team Alan Freedman and Irma Morrison. When Freedman couldn’t find a computer dictionary that would meaningfully augment the computer literacy classes he taught to Fortune 500 companies, he set out on a quest to purchase his first computer and write this “glaringly missing” reference.

The year 1980 was explosive for personal computers, and buzzwords were everywhere. The self-published 300-term, 60-page The Computer Glossary was a huge success in hundreds of seminars. Within a few years, writing the dictionary became a full-time job, and after 30 years, 300 terms grew to more than 25,000.

Although Freedman writes all the definitions in CDE, many outstanding professionals have provided technical assistance. Every major company in the industry has contributed to CDE and continues to do so. Channeled into print by one person, CDE is a collaboration of the best minds in the field.



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