Collage提供各類圖形和樣式,使用者只需要上傳各類圖片或相片,通過Collages的自動佈局專利(auto-placement engine),即可生成眾多相片拼貼而成的組圖,使用者可以選擇將其做成海報、打印出來等等。

Collage的創意來自於其創始人之一的Kevin Borders在與其女朋友結交一週年之際,希望送一份特殊的禮物,將他們倆近1000張照片拼成一個心形的拼圖送給對方,效果很不錯,於是有了Collage,而情侶、親人等也是Collage目前主打的目標使用者。


使用者除了可以分享這些拼圖外,還可以選擇直接列印、做成海報進行收藏。目前,ScrapWalls提供全套的服務,大小從11″ x 14″-20″ x 30″不等,費用也從6.99美元-19.99美元不等,這是目前Collage主要的盈利模式。當然提供定製化的拼圖服務,也有可能為Collage帶來不錯的收益。 is a website that lets you upload pictures, make them into a custom collage, and order high-quality printed products featuring your collage. You can also share collages online for free. Each collage can include hundreds of pictures arranged either in one of our 50+ shapes, or however you like.

The key technology that differentiates from other software is its patent-pending auto-placement engine. will automatically arrange photos to cover any shape without gaps or overlapping – something you can’t get anywhere else! But that isn’t all. also lets you place photos anywhere you want. It will automatically adjust surrounding photos to eliminate gaps and overlapping, leaving a picture-perfect custom collage! originated from software that one of the founders, Kevin Borders, created to help make an anniversary gift for his girlfriend. He wanted to build a collage with 1000 of their personal photos, and there wasn’t anything out there that could do it. Kevin enlisted the help of Kyle Mulka, a fellow Michigan graduate, to help build the very first custom collage. After completing the collage, shown on the right, Kevin gave it to his girlfriend, who loved it (and they eventually got married!) Kevin then decided to get together with friend and then co-worker at Microsoft, Joe Golden, to transform the original software into a website where anyone could make a custom collage and share their memories.

In 2007, Kevin Borders and Joe Golden founded Scrapwalls, LLC. ScrapWalls is a Michigan-based company, with offices in Ann Arbor, MI. Since its inception, others have joined the ScrapWalls team, and everyone has contributed immensely to make the site and the company what it is today.



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