MSDN主要是開發文件,技術文章和函式使用示例程式碼,開發工程中遇到不懂得函式之類的可以及時到MSDN查詢,MSDN側重於開發;而CodeProject 主要是開原始碼,上面有很多高手寫好的程式碼可以借鑑,CodeProject側重於應用。


The Code Project Share your code, libraries, tips and answers to help others and learn from the best. Just need code? Help yourself to 35,003 free Software development and Design articles, tips and downloads.

CodeProject is a community of Software development and Design developers joined together with certain common goals: to learn, to teach and to have fun programming. Developers from all over the world come together to share source code, tutorials and knowledge for free to help their fellow programmers.

It is our hope that you find CodeProject to be a wealth of information and a valuable resource. All we ask is that if you find CodeProject useful, then please share what source code or knowledge you can in order to give back to the community.

Above and beyond articles and code snippets, CodeProject gives developers a voice. We have over 3.5 million people reading CodeProject each month, including those from companies such as Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and more. CodeProject brings industry and the developer community together.



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