CGtantra:視覺遊戲CG藝術社群是一個由印度創意CG工作室創辦的動畫、視覺效果、遊戲藝術、CG技術於一體的社群網站,也是印度CG行業門戶類網站,CG論壇為CG藝術家、2d藝術家和動畫師。3d和2 d藝術品、討論論壇、教程、資源和資源的連結。


CGtantra網站資源適用於不同專業的學生,主要涵蓋範圍有電影、遊戲、概念設計、視覺化技術、建築視覺化設計、插畫設計等,主要合作伙伴有ABAI, FICCI, NASSCOM, IAD, ANIFEST, FMX, CGOverdrive, ANNECY, SIGGRAPH etc.

Dissolving the borders between art and technology in animation, Visual Effects and Gaming Community for creative & technical artists – anyone using traditional & digital medium to tell a story. CGTantra supports all genres, styles, tools & outlooks of artistic flair to help flourish the community. It supports innumerable chapters catering to different professional and student categories including Film, Games, Concept design, Visualization, Architectural visualization, Illustration, and more with the basic motto – LEARN INSPIRE GROW.

CGTantra believes in the philosophy of Learn, Inspire and Grow which we share among all our members that form this ever growing pool of talent in the form of Discussion forums, Tutorials and workshops, Image Showcases, Artist Galleries, Interviews of artists, Production coverage, Contest and Challenges, job boards, podcasts, video galleries, master classes, seminars etc. CGTantra has always been an active/media/content/knowledge partner in local and International events organized ABAI, FICCI, NASSCOM, IAD, ANIFEST, FMX, CGOverdrive, ANNECY, SIGGRAPH etc.

CGTantra had organized first of its kind in India the master class and workshops in PIXAR Render man, XSI, Toonboom, , Claymation, Gaming, Acting, Cinematography, Scriptwriting and many more technology workshops and seminars. Studio Professionals and students from all over the country have been attending it.



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