CGarchitect is the leading and most influential online magazine and end-user community for architectural visualization and design professionals. Launched in 2001 by industry expert and evangelist Jeff Mottle, the site remains steadfastly dedicated to providing valuable resources for architectural visualization professionals who need to stay current in our dynamic industry.

Reaching over 375,000 unique visitors each month, CGarchitect is the only resource in the industry that brings together design professionals from around the globe to learn from one another, while simultaneously bringing the most up-to-date information and news to its members.

At CGarchitect everything we do is built around fostering community, developing the industry and bringing awareness. As part of CGarchitect’s mission to help foster the design visualization industry we have launched a number of divisions within the company to specifically target the growing needs of the community.

CGarchitect is the founder of the CGschool, a dedicated training school and educational print publication company specializing in professional architectural visualization training and education. We are also owners of the largest online store for design visualization products – The CGarchitect Visualization Shoppe.



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