Cartoon Brew平臺每年都會舉辦一屆學生動畫節,徵集世界各地的優秀動漫設計,鼓勵學生們創新,建議有志從事動畫片劇情、角色和分鏡圖的創作人士提交他們的作品。

Cartoon Brew is the largest animation entertainment blog on the Internet, presenting news about animated films, cartoons and CGI technology.

Each day, Cartoon Brew brings the latest news and trends in animation to over 20,000 different artists, entertainment execs and cartoon aficionados. Animation authorities Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi – both of whom are recognized historians and published authors, with long experience in the animation industry – cover a wide range of topics, including contemporary and classic animation from around the globe, CGI, advertising, design, anime and industry/business news. Amid’s book “Cartoon Modern” was awarded the best film book of 2006 by the prestigious Theatre Library Association, and Jerry Beck’s “The Hanna-Barbera Treasury” won the Gold (Pop Culture category) in ForeWord Magazine‘s 2007 Book of the Year awards.



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