BodyRock.Tv represented a shakeup in online training. Original workouts that you could perform anywhere in 12 minutes or less – for free. It quickly went on to become the most watched fitness series online with three quarters of a billion views and a worldwide community of BodyRockers training to be the best version of themselves possible.

It was from our community of fitness enthusiasts that the next evolution of our home fitness movement came to life. You wanted daily workout routines that rivalled the classes offered by expensive gyms and elite boot camps. You wanted exercises that took advantage of fat incinerating high intensity interval training.

You wanted to push yourself to your max – increasing your strength, agility and endurance with a method of training that is time efficient and will ignite your metabolism to fire at a thermonuclear burn rate for the rest of the day. You wanted all of these things, and that’s why we created – Simply the best free workout program online – and the killer of overpriced gym memberships everywhere.TheDailyHiit is BodyRocking taken to the next level – a workout movement turned workout revolution.



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