BirdTrader 平臺有各種各樣鳥兒的買賣資訊,如非洲鸚鵡、亞馬遜鸚鵡、雞尾鸚鵡、金絲雀、金翅雀、老鷹,甚至是雞、鴨、鵝等家禽。此外,鳥兒交易者網上還有很多關於鳥兒的知識、新聞和論壇,想了解鳥兒資訊的人也可到這裡看看。

Birdtrader is the #1 online marketplace for buying and selling birds in the UK.

Birdtrader is also an online community that helps bird enthusiasts being better informed about the birding world and interact with each other – buying, selling and trading their birds in an easy, hassle-free manner, advertising their services and staying on top of all the latest developments.

Birdtrader has more than 2.5 million pageviews a month and there are many happy customers who have bought and sold birds through Birdtrader that keep returning. If you’re looking to buy or sell your bird, or even just read up on breeds, how-to advice and the latest events in the birding world, Birdtrader is the #1 website in the United Kingdom for your needs.



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