使用者註冊之後首先需要選擇自己的手機裝置(iPhone 3G、iPhone 3Gs、iPod Touch、iPod Touch 2G、Original iPhone),選擇自己感興趣的應用型別,此外Appolicious的獨到之處是引入了Follow機制,和傳統的SNS網站的好友機制不同,使用者可以選擇Follow使用者來了解他人分享的應用軟體,同時使用者也有Block自己的Follow者的權利。



Appolicious is a mobile app discovery service dedicated to helping consumers and businesses find iOS and Android applications.

Through web services, Appolicious licenses algorithmic-based app search and recommendation technology to third parties including Samsung. Multiple APIs are available for all facets of the Appolicious discovery service across iOS and Android, including our proprietary search and recommendation algorithms.

Appolicious algorithms are based on the widest and deepest set of proprietary app metadata available today. Metadata is generated through social graph and app ownership, user-generated content, and editorial content and classification.

Members of the Appolicious community share, review, and curate lists of apps that are most relevant to them. Customized lists of app Recommendations are generated for community members based on apps they own and rate highly. Appolicious also generates lists of “Hot Apps” that track titles generating the most buzz. Appolicious “Price Cuts” lists showcase apps recently put on sale by their developers. All of these services are available via APIs.

Consumers interested in browsing for applications can access thousands of user-generated lists created by members. Appolicious also publishes comprehensive directories that contain several hundred categories of iOS and Android applications.

A team of professional journalists comprise the Appolicious Advisor, which reviews and compiles the most notable apps available to download onto iOS and Android devices. The reviews are unbiased, and Appolicious is not affiliated with Apple, Google or any independent app store.



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