appoLearning 中有 84 個教育應用的分類目錄(計劃拓展到 150 個)。基本模組以使用者群體年齡來分,有學前、小學、初中、高中四個不同階段。更細分的條目有閱讀、數學、生活科學、社交等。

每一項 appoLearning 的細分類目下,都會有五個推薦的應用,它們都是從至少 100 個同類應用中篩選出來的。篩選機制包括向下載了該軟體的使用者發放調查問卷,並要求使用者根據為每一項教育功能打分(1-3 分),平均後算作該應用的分數。


There are thousands of educational apps created for the iPad, yet only a precious few are worth downloading. appoLearning lets parents know which educational apps they should encourage their kids to use, while also detailing the skills that are taught within each recommended application.

All of the apps endorsed by appoLearning were curated and evaluated by a panel of teachers, parents, and app gurus. Every app that we showcase is given a Report Card based on our proprietary appoLearning Rubric. Ratings are based on a number of factors, including Educational Content, Kid Appeal, Assessment, Features and Design, Value, and Safety and Privacy.

In short, we not only tell you if an educational app is worth downloading, but also why.

appoLearning showcases the best educational apps available by subject within four core age groups. We publish separate and comprehensive directories for Early Learning, Elementary School, Middle School and High School. Each age-specific directory features a taxonomy of subjects that will expand over time.



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