Answerbag:線上社交問答平臺是一個 幫助使用者解答各種問題的問答網站,該網站有專業的服務人員幫助使用者解答生活中遇到的各種問題,幫助使用者快速獲取答案。


Answerbag was founded in July 2003, by Joel Downs and acquired in early 2006 by Infosearch Media. However, on October 3, 2006, Answerbag announced it would join with Demand Media.

Although there is not a real document for the history of Answerbag ever since its creation in 2003, one of the oldest users has answered some questions by including certain parts of Answerbag 1.0 and 2.0.[citation needed] In late 2006, Answerbag received press attention by announcing that it would release a read/write API for their Q&A database. Answerbag has changed its format and completely overhauled the design of its site recently.



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