Anime News Network 網站是由多為編輯組成的致力於動漫行業新聞報道的站點,該網站由Christopher Macdonald於1998年創辦,為喜愛動漫和動漫從業者提供新聞資訊和討論平臺,並運營知名動畫雜誌Protoculture Addicts。


動漫新聞網(Anime News Network,ANN)除刊發世界動漫界的資訊外,還開設有動漫百科全書和動漫論壇,為讀者提供常識以及釋出見解的平臺。新的動漫資訊會在網站及時呈現,動漫新聞網也提供部分視訊供讀者瀏覽。

下面是Christopher Macdonald, CEO & Publisher的建站經歷:

A former network engineer and administrator by trade, Christopher Macdonald lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His first real exposure to anime (or japanimation as he knew it then) was Bubblegum Crisis which he saw in the summer of 1989. In 2000 he submitted a guest editorial to Anime News Network, and soon became co-editor-in-chief, along with George Phillips. Originally the site was a hobby for both of them, however in 2003 Macdonald left his networking job in order to focus exclusively on ANN and in 2004 Phillips stepped down from his position as co-editor-in-chief.

For several years, Macdonald wrote all of ANN’s news and personally edited every article on ANN, however as the site and its staff grew he had to focus on “managing” the site and now leaves most of the editorial work in the capable hands of ANN’s editors and contributors. Reflecting his shifting responsibilities, Macdonald stepped down from the editor-in-chief position in late 2010. As publisher, his editorial involvement is mostly limited to planing the editorial “direction” of the website.

Aside from anime, he has many other interests, for which he has little time. Those that he does make some time for include motorsport, traveling, skiing and cycling.



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