AltSounds:搖滾音樂線上社群是一個國際性的線上音樂社群,有很流媒體內容,但這裡還是有很一些高質量的mp3音樂可以下載,包括諸如Anberlin, Panic at the Disco, 10 Years和Underoath這些樂隊。


AltSounds is an international alternative online music community. By ‘Alternative’ we don’t mean ‘Alt Rock,’ we mean it as its technical definition – Alternative to the mainstream. It’s about having a choice, both in music and where you go to hear it. At AltSounds, we have designed a community that gives listeners a place to find the best new music available in an environment that works for them and with them.

For artists, we have developed a place to be heard. Where others might ignore you, we promote you. For labels, we offer an outlet to help promote all your artist and bands and are always looking to forge more relationships with labels to run giveaways, exclusives and anything else to help promote your music to a large focused audience with incredible ease.

We have seen what else is out there and decided it wasn’t good enough. Other sites do not satisfy all of our needs as fans, musicians, and promoters of new music. We needed a site that could do it all without costing fans money, crashing regularly and sounding like shit, and the only way to get it was to build it ourselves.



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