AlexTrochut:現代創意插畫設計網是西班牙Alex trochut設計師的個人作品網站,該網站成立於1981年;致力於插畫設計、平面設計、概念設計等創作。


thank for stopping by. i believe design and illustration is  a language in constant change. i love doing what i do whatever it is,always looking forward to learn and evolve.

in this website i’m presenting a selection of works that collect the range of styles and themes that define better what i’ve been doing till today.i’m looking forward to see what we will do together tomorrow.

alex trochut was born in 1981 in barcelona. studied graphic design at elisava,and started working as freelance and illustrator in2007.

alex trochut’s illustrations,designs and typoraphy take the modem notion of minimalism and flip it  on ti’s side. trochut’s work philosophy is more is more.

it is rich with elegant,brilliantly detailed executions that simultaneously convey indulgence and cateful,restrained control,trochut is driven by a desire to constantly evolve which can be seen in his eidetic body of work.



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