WorldTV的產品可實現視訊播放器的外觀和操作方式的個性定製、品牌推廣和EPG(電子節目指南),同時也可執行Google Adsense和其他型別的視訊廣告。從這個方面可以說WorldTV是針對B2B設計的,不過針對普通消費者的免費版也將一併提供。

WorldTV is an entirely new concept in the world of web video. Many years in the making, it realizes a long term vision to empower anyone, anywhere to become their own media mogul.

WorldTV represents the next generation in online video. With millions of video clips now online, the Library is finally in place to empower anyone to mix their tastes into a powerful web TV concept. In the near future those channels will appear on TV.

Not everyone is a video creator, but with WorldTV you can be a video curator. With WorldTV, you can curate your own full-screen web TV channel in seconds. You can then embed your channel in other websites, share updates to your channel via Twitter and Facebook, and brand and promote your channel to a global audience of millions.



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