TotallyCoolpix部落格據說是和路透社合作,賣出來圖片的轉載權,要知道這些圖片都是專業的玩命記者拍的,很有收藏價值,這在網易、新浪等門戶裡是很難看到的。進入網站後,你就會看多很多高清晰的大圖,搭配簡單的內容簡介,點選欄目標題你就可以進入文章內容頁,會看到整個系列的套圖。 published it’s first topic on January 21st 2010. It was the Haiti earthquake. We started this project to broaden our field of vision in the blogging business. What started as a fun side project with around 4 posts per month soon became an obsession.

After a great response to the topics by the general internet public we took the step and signed a contract with Reuters for use of their images. We were released from image constraints and could post what we could find. We haven’t looked back since and have grown and grown. In posts per month, visitors and fans. Thank you.

To give something back we created the In The Picture category, which gives photgraphers with a passion the opportunity to showcase their work to thousands around the globe.

And now, in April 2011, we’ve taken another big step forward, a new website design. TotallyCoolPix v2.0 has arrived and we hope you like it.



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