Share your news feeds !!

“throttle” makes RSS reader be more SOCIAL.

The more people use “throttle”, the more exciting & useful “throttle” becomes.

There must be some people who enjoy the feeds shared by you. And people who enjoy your feeds will surely share something to others as well.

throttle enables you to share your own feed

it enables you to share your own feeds and feed groups with your friends.

You can also follow(subscribe) others’ feeds and feed groups.

You can also share with Facebook and twitter, and other social media.

The more people use “throttle”, the more exciting & useful “throttle” becomes.

By using “throttle”, you will be able to know how a tech geek, extremely intelligent or well-informed person gather information efficiently.

It is a simple and easy-to-use social RSS reader.

A web-based application “throttle” can be used on any device

throttle is a web-based RSS reader that helps keep your unread news listed in “throttle” with no effort. Its simple yet intuitive interface allows you to simultaneously sift through “unread/new” news and mark them as “read” simply by scrolling.

This application is built as a web-based, ‘syncing’ your feeds across different devices is not needed. Your viewing history is always up to date no matter what device you use. That means, there is no sync wait time. You can start quickly by importing your favorite existing feeds from OPML files



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