TheChive:娛樂趣圖資源分享平臺是一家專門為使用者提供有趣圖片的網站,擁有10,000個獨特的圖片庫,儲存的圖片超過500,000張,該網站成立於2008年,建立者是約翰和Leo Resig兩兄弟。


Leo Resig成立之初,網站每天的訪問者只有兩位,也就是兄弟倆。但是,通過積極進取和開拓創新,theCHIVE現在已經成為了一家每天為750,000多位訪問者提供娛樂資源的網站,每年可以吸引到 1500萬的訪問量,每個月的頁面訪問量達到 85 00萬。



world. With over 10,000 unique photo galleries and over 500,000 photos, is The World’s Largest Photo Entertainment Website. Started in November 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig, theCHIVE started with 2 visits per day and has grown to entertain an average of 750,000 visitors per day and churns out over 15 million visits per month 85 million monthly pageviews.

Where do the photos come from? You, the Chivers. In addition to user submits, John, Leo, Bob, and Mac surf the world wide web -literally. They visit websites in Russia, Japan, China, Hungary, Spain, Germany -the list goes on, to discover the best of the best and bring it to the U.S. If a legit funny photo is snapped somewhere in the world right now, it will make its way to theCHIVE’s homepage before your morning coffee. theCHIVE is the foremost authority and source of all viral photos on the internet.



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