Summly:新聞摘要閱讀應用是一個主打提取新聞摘要功能,可以通過該書籤工具把文章傳送到Summly進行閱讀的工具,自動提取約 400 字的摘要。由於採用的是自然語義演算法,它並非簡單地提取文章導語。


雅虎(Yahoo)宣佈收購新聞摘要應用Summly,Nick D ‘Aloisio 及其團隊將加入雅虎,而Summly應用會被關閉,但“會通過雅虎的移動體驗看到該技術的復活。”

Nick D’Aloisio launched Summly in December 2011 as a tech summarization prototype that garnered significant interest worldwide. With backing from Horizons Ventures, and help from many natural language processing and artificial intelligence experts around the world, Nick and the Summly team have been able to further develop summarization technology, the first result being the new Summly mobile news app.

Angel Investors and Advisors include; Ashton Kutcher, Betaworks, Brian Chesky, Hosain Rahman, Jessica Powell, Joanna Shields, Josh Kushner, Mark Pincus, Matt Mullenweg, Seb Bishop, Shakil Khan, Spencer Hyman, Stephen Fry, Troy Carter, Vivi Nevo, Yoko Ono and many more. We are also working closely with News Corporation on the summarization of their content.



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