SkyMotion 提供iPhone和Android版手機應用,可以精準的預測未來2小時內的天氣情況,開啟Sky Motion,將你需要計劃的時間段輸入進去,它就會告訴你在特定地點內,下雨的概率會有多大。其他天氣應用也會給你些大概資訊,但是Sky Motion是最準確而精細的那一個。你也可以在社交網站上分享所有的這些資訊,更何況它是免費的,還有什麼理由不用它呢?


We seem to be more obsessed with the weather nowadays than ever before. Mind you, it’s hardly surprising seeing the bizarre and often life-threatening weather conditions that have been prevalent in the last few years. Who said there’s no such thing as climate change? With weather conditions becoming more and more extreme it could be more than useful to have absolutely up to date and very accurate information. It could save your life one day. SkyMotion is a 100% up to the minute interactive weather app for iPhone and Android that delivers detailed weather information across the US and Canada.

SkyMotion is a great looking free smartphone weather application that claims to be able to let you know exactly when precipitation will start and end for your exact location. so nw you can plan the next two hours with precise knowledge of how precipitation will impact you, your family or your business. SkyMotion is a precise and reliable hyperlocal app that uses GPS to give accurate data by being able to read and translate over 200 weather radars in North America and translate the information into a reliable by-the-minute rainfall or snowfall forecast that is unique to your location. It accurately warns you of impending precipitation up to 2 hours in advance by refreshing its data every 5 minutes. The interactive weather data is received in real-time with data available in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can even save and personalize an unlimited number of specific locations as favorites for quick checking.

SkyMotion is currently one of the top 10 most downloaded free weather apps on iTunes and uses unique ground breaking in house technology to track and predict weather patterns across the whole of North America. It delivers accurate real-time information so you know whether it’s wise to take that trip for the weekend without putting chains on the car. This is an app that is so accurate that it can map clouds and thunderstorms right across the region so, if any weather app can be trusted, then this one can. The app looks brilliant, it’s easy and convenient to use and is a perfect real-time weather app that can be kept neatly in your pocket.



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